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Let’s make a photogenic journey with Finderss.

Because of sometime it's hard to keep all of the situations and moments by your own. It’s our’s work, Finderss. We can collect all of your trip’s moment in the memorable photograph.

Along with the beautiful scenery in Japan, you can choose our provided style of service by your own such as together with couples, friends, families or special service from us ‘Starry Night Sky Phototrip’.

Finderss is the first and only one phototrip service now in Japan that provide a pro local Japanese photographer from everywhere in Japan to the tourist that travel in the destination.

Finderss is a service site that you can choose or match a local Japanese photographer to take you a photo at your destination.

Make your own path and your trip different. We provide you the new experience and memorable moment of travel in Japan by capture the best moments in the awesome place (that’s only local people know!). Moreover, we introduce a nice photo spot that haven’t on the any guide book and you didn’t know it before.


Okinawa Magic hour!!

 Okinawa    Taiki

Taikiさんはすごくプロで楽しい人です。一緒に楽しい時間を過ごし、写真にとても満足しています。彼は私たちの幸せな瞬間を自然体で捉えてくれました。沖縄に戻る際にも、再びTaikiに写真をお願いする予定です! Translate

"Okinawa" The place of relaxing

 Okinawa    Taiki

Very nice and professional photographer. We had a very nice experience with Taiki San. Translate

"Okinawa" The place of relaxing

 Okinawa    Taiki

Taiki is a very nice photographer, with humor and patience. He deserve your choice. Translate

The ocean is beautiful there!

 Okinawa    Taiki

Taiki is really friendly and kind. He not only recommended us the secret place in Okinawa and...


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This weekʼs available photographer

  • Taiki

    沖縄は年中<br>海が綺麗です🏖<br>今回地元で人気なビーチ<br>お教えいたします。<br>思い出にのこる1枚を皆様と<br>残します<br><br>Okinawa all year round<br>The sea is beautiful 🏖<br>Popular beaches in the local area this time<br>We will teach you.<br>I will leave one of the memories with you.

  • Kazuo

    Let's take memorable pictures while wearing in Kimono, traditional costumes of Japan, And also walking around the city of Kyoto, such as Gion and Arashiyama!<br><br>Of course, you can enjoy it even not wearing kimono!<br><br>If you want to, we can also guide you about set plan of rental kimonos experiences.<br><br>I will send you a picture taken after editing.<br>About atmosphere of image, we will shoot and retouch accordingly.<br><br>※ Kimono rental will be extra charge. (It is necessary to pay 2,500 yen ~ 5,000 yen locally depending on the type of kimono.)<br>※ For dressing, it takes about 1 hour separately from shooting. If you want to dress, please join us with plenty of time.

  • Taiki

    The sunset in Okinawa is very beautiful. If you are lucky you may also be able to see it.

  • Taiki

    Tyatan is very famous place.

  • Let's take the photos at Sensoji temple.<br>Taking the photo with wearing Yukata is very popular.<br>And because you can lend a Yukata near by so I recommend taking a picture by wearing it!

  • Taiki

    It is a popular spot in local.<br>there is a park, beach, this spot is full of tropical feeling.

  • Taiki

    This spot is very famous. <br>near the 『Shuri castle』.<br><br>沖縄を感じながら<br>温かい写真をご一緒に撮りましょう。

  • Hiroaki

    I know nature-rich places in Okinawa and famous tourist spots. Let's take a nice picture while enjoying Okinawa!


    There is a winter event where amusement parks are filled with illumination.

  • Nanako

    You can visit HAMAHIGA island passing through famous KAICHU DORO(Mid-Sea Road) and a bridge.<br>It’s a small island with traditional atmosphere.<br>There are some spots which is considered perfect.<br>I can’t guarantee that “holly power”, but I’m sure you can enjoy the nice scenery, quiet traditional, sylvan island with beautiful beaches.<br> <br>*Photo shoot at the meeting point KAICHU DORO (Mid-Sea Road) is also optional. (no extra charge)<br>*There are many island connected by bridges around that area. You can choose to go to other islands as well.

  • Hikari

    I take the photos in Nagasaki \ (o) / ♡<br>Senjyo station, Huis Ten Bosch, fruit bus stop ...<br>There are a lots of photogenic spots in Nagasaki!

  • Sakura

    Welcome to the trip of Satoyama in Takeda City, Oita Prefecture.<br>We will show you the beautiful scenery of autumn in Takeda City, Oita Prefecture. <br>I obviously know the place because it is my local and daily life where visitors are likely less to visit.<br>"Oshine Prefecture"<br> Please join us for the memories of Oita's journey.

  • Hiroaki

    Why don't you make a nice moment in the photographs of Okinawa sightseeing spots and beaches. I surely that the places are known by only local people.

  • Yoshiaki

    I like to take a photo of night view of Tokyo and I will take photos of Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Rainbow Bridge etc well. In the evening it is possible to take a nice night view that is lighted up. Also, in the evening when stars are visible well, you can see the path of stars in Tokyo, so I can teach for who want to take the photo of the path of stars.

  • Ryokkiii

    I take the photos mainly in Sasebo City and the city in the middle of Nagasaki in Nagasaki Prefecture.<br>In Sasebo City, there are a shrine, starry sky, sea etc.!

  • hide

    Ishikawa Prefecture's spot, classic spot, photogenic spot photograph.<br>Location photo, portrait is mainly taken.<br>In addition, I am also concurrently serving as a senior special envoy of Ishikawa Prefecture, I am also photographing local artists and traditional culture players, samurai, kaoru, kimono etc. 9 (1 ❛ᴗ❛ 1) 6

  • みゆき

    Photo shoot in somewhere else.<br>Because this is photography with an amateur photographer so it will be not suitable for who you ask for perfect photographs.

  • Kazuo

    Make your trip's destination memorable in Kyoto.<br>For example in Gion-Shijo area (Kiyomizu-dera, yasaka-jinja), Arashiyama area etc.<br>I can take you the photos and recommend you about information of your travel so join me to have a good memories of the travel together.<br><br>For meeting point or the information of phototrip, I can respond flexibly so please feel free to contact me !

  • pochi

    I usually go for a walk and take photos as usual so please enjoy take photos in somewhere else together !

  • よっしー

    Please contact us for various shooting.<br>If you would like to take your style in somewhere else etc, please feel free to contact us about time and place.

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